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Minibus Hire York

Available Minibus Hire Services in York

Getting around York as a group can be pretty daunting, especially when you have to organised transport to move all of you together. Not anymore, as York Coach Hire, we have just the solution to get you to point B faster and comfortably. We have just the right minibus hire in York packages for corporate and travelling individuals.

It only takes one click on to book york minibus hire York to direct you to our online catalogue of fully serviced and insured minibus hire coaches. We have buses in several sitting capacities: 8seaters, 12seaters, 33seaters, 49seaters and even 72seater coaches. If you are ever in York, we will be honoured to organise your transport through the city and even provide a trained and friendly driver to be your chauffer.

Things to See and Do in York

Set in a rich rustic backdrop, the city of York is one filled with century old castles, plush looking garden parks and nights of epic fun-filled stage performances. Our Minibus hire in York knows all the tourist hubs and best party spots within town to make your holiday memorable.

The Minster Tower

A beautiful edifice heavily presented in Roman Gothic architecture and accentuated by post-gothic perpendicular style touches. This was a cathedral that hosted religious functions in town, and survived through the Mesolithic battles and world wars to remain the beauty edifice it is today. For some extra pounds, the tour guide will take you to the top of the tower, where the view of the city is breathtaking and priceless.

The Clifford’s Tower

This tower has seen many battles throughout history including the famous war between the Britons and the Vikings. The stone walls have stood the test of time, and the inside quarters immediately place you at the scene when Briton battle boots trampled the ground and sword clanked in a bid to free the city from a hostile takeover. The guides are quite friendly and eager to narrate these vivid accounts to tourists.

Shambles Street

A lot of the medieval culture has remained unchanged in York, seen by old towns and streets like The Shambles. While the rest of the town is heavily clothed in modernity, Shambles maintains its meek demeanor of a traditional village street with cobbled pathways and dimly lit shops. This few minute adventure through the alleys is worth every penny if you wish to experience what life was like in the olden days.

The River Cruise

If you are travelling as a group, the boat cruise down the city’s main river is one experience you cannot miss. The boat takes you through a scenic tour of the city from the outside where the river travels. Here you get to see the buildings, the park, the people, the street performances almost all activities that happen during the day. It’s the fastest way to cover a tour of the city without disturbing the crowds in the street or honking through traffic all day.

Events in York

I. The Buffalo Skinners, The Duchess (Nov 3 2015)
II. The Art of Conversation, Harewood House (4 Nov 2015)
III. Halloween and Christmas Adventure, Stockeld Park (21 Oct 2015-Mon 4 Jan 2016)
IV. Magical Christmas Shop, Stockeld Park ( 21 Oct 2015- 4 Jan 2016)
V. Halloween & Christmas Adventure (4 Jan 2016)
VI. When the World Changed Forever, York Castle Museum ( 6 Jul 2017)

Why Choose Us

York Coach Hire has been in the minibus hires for years and we are lucky to have expanded our service to include York City. We will provide a driver on request and will deliver the coach bus to whichever location you instruct us. All our buses are fully insured, serviced and permitted to provide transport within the York city centre. Visit our website today to view our latest offers and deals on minibus hire York packages.